The packaging is reflecting La Plantation’s core values

In the concept of selling directly from the farm and respecting the environment, the packaging of La Plantation is deliberately natural, using natural or recycled materials.

Our packaging is entirely designed in Cambodia. The 100g pack is made of recycled paper, including the label that is printed locally.

The jute canvas packaging has a whole history. Searching on the Internet on Kampot Popper, I came across an object from the 1920s: a small bag of pepper in burlap. I could not resist and bought it. When developing the packaging of La Plantation, I remembered this bag and designed a modernized version.

We then hire one, now two sewers, to sew these little burlap pouches. Their sewing workshop is installed in a traditional Khmer wooden house which we dismantled and relocated in the property. The bags are printed locally.

After a manual selection of each peppercorn, they are inserted in a bag and inserted into the jute bag. It is closed with a natural tie from a wood bark.

Selection and packaging are made at La Plantation premises, bringing work to about 15 employees throughout the year.