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4 present ideas for you and your love ones

4 present ideas for you and your love ones

La Plantation selected for you 4 types of gift boxes in a very limited edition. They will carry you away to the Kampot area thanks to their exceptional flavours and fragrances.

If you have a sweet tooth or you prefer savoury flavours, if you are looking for thrilling discoveries, there is inevitably a box that will be made for you. It is also the occasion to offer Fair Trade. Indeed, by purchasing our Spice boxes, you are participating in the development of our sustainable agriculture project in southern Cambodia which employs more than 100 people whislt offering them fair working conditions. This gourmet gift is as good in the plate as it is for the Planet.

Four boxes, a large choice of flavours and fragrances ! 

Our Sweets - Our Ready to Use - Our Peppers - Our Essentials

For those who like Xmas Treats


Our Gift Box ‘Our Sweets’, is the perfect gift for desserts lovers, ideal to help you to make Xmas treats. It’s the perfectselection for desserts, where spices could even be substituted for sugar. There is no lack of inspiration with this set, from which you can make Crème brûlées, shortbreads cookies, crumbles, pie crusts, gingerbreads, cakes and even spicy ice creams. 

This box contains the following varieties of spices:

Our Forest Cardamon is a wild species from the rainforests of the Cardamom range. Our pickers harvest the fruit when fully ripe and dry it in a smokehouse. An exceptional ingredient for baking, it will be an essential for your gingerbread or Christmas biscuit recipes. Our Cardamom will bring a particular flavour to your desserts and will enable you to appreciate them without guilt thanks to its benefits for digestion.

 The second variety you can find in this box is our Chai Mix, a tasty blend of rich and savory Khmer spices. What could be better than enjoying a delicious Chai Latte with a blanket to warm up from the cold during this winter period. Mix a tea spoon of our Chai Mix with cow or plant-based milk, such as coconut or oat milk and you're all set!

 Then find the powdered Pandan, the Pandan leaves are also available in infusion. What exactly is Pandan? Pandan is a tropical plant which come from Indonesia. Widely used in Asia to flavor and color dishes of an intense green, this plant, which has everything to seduce you, is also called the "Asian vanilla". Little known in Europe, Pandan develops a vanilla and sweet taste, and will sublimate your desserts with its green colour. It will bring a true exotic touch to your Christmas desserts.

 You will also find our powder Lemongrass. You might know it as the Indian verbena, Lemongrass is the essential ingredient in Cambodian, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. Our Lemongrass Leaves are also available as an infusion to enjoy a delicious iced tea.

 Finally, the last ingredient in this “our sweet” box is our Young Ginger powder. It is harvested while still young, peeled and dried immediately at low temperature to keep all its flavoring. It is broadly used in pastries, with chocolate or fruits such as mango or pear. It will be your best ally to boost these wintery flavours.

If for you, Christmas rhymes with pastries, gingerbread and other delicacies, then our ‘Our Sweets’ Gift Box is for you!

For those who want easily to spice-up their cooking


Our second Gift Box contains freshly-ground spice blends that we have prepared for you at La Plantation. It is aimed at cooking beginners or for those who love surprising flavours such as fish curries, vegetables and meat stir-fry. So easy to make with our Khmer Curry powders and some coconut milk. let yourself be surprised by simply adding some SaltedKampot peppercorns in a chocolate mousse. Preparing these recipes is easy as it gets with this quick and easy selection of spices, to spice-up your every day cooking. 

Our ‘Our Ready to Use’ box set consists of the following varieties:

 Our Kampot Pepper with Salt, an exclusive creation of La Plantation, which was elected for the Epicures Prize 2020. Addictive from the first grain, to eat it is to adopt it! The crispiness of the corn and the intense explosion of fresh pepper flavors on the palate make La Plantation's Fresh Salted Pepper a unique product that is unanimous among those who have had the chance to taste it. 

 Then we find our Smoked Mix:  its slight smoky taste brings a surprising aroma. Benefiting from privileged meteorological conditions during the dry season from January to April, our high-quality  Flower of Salt is widely appreciated by chefs and gourmets. The combination of the Flower of Salt on one side and the spicy and smoky side brought by our Bird and our Sweet Long Chili, is so unique… and to be discovered asap.

Then discover our Green Khmer Curry based on a traditional Khmer recipe. It is not very spicy and bears citrus and vegetal notes. This powder can be used at the end of the cooking process to spice up your dish. Let the curry colour your vegetables for a few minutes. You can also add coconut milk and reduce your sauce over low heat.

 You will also find our Red Khmer Curry, another traditional version of Khmer curry, aromatic and pretty mild too, with warm and fruity notes. Delicious and full of flavours, these two traditional curry recipes will also bring you their medicinal benefits - as good for the taste buds as for your health!

 Finally, our Pepper & Spices Mix, a very fragrant and peppery blend, without added salt, ready to use. It will add a subtle balance of peppery, lemony and flowery aromas. It sublimates meat, foie gras, and spices up all your dishes, from starter to dessert.

A gift idea for one of your loved ones looking for the exotic flavours of Asia to enhance their dishes with ease. The ‘Our ready-to-use’ Gift Box will be the perfect gift.

For those who speaks only about peppers


This third box, which contains our essential Kampot Peppers, is waiting for you!

Composed of 5 different varieties, this is an ideal selection to bring the Kampot terroir to your tables and discover the aromas of each color of Kampot Pepper! Bold, rich, but also delicate and subtle scents, you will inevitably find a variety that suits you.

The ‘Our Peppers’ box includes the following varieties:

 Our Black Kampot Pepper, essential for subtly peppering all your dishes during cooking. Recognized as one of the best peppers in the world, Kampot's Black Pepper is grown traditionally and organically. Each corn has been selected one by one by hand at La Plantation to offer you the best quality. 

 Then we find our Red Kampot Pepper. It is the emblematic product of the Kampot region. Hand picked. You will appreciate its incredible aroma when ground and its fruity and woody taste. Our Kampot Red Pepper develops powerful fruity aromas. Its unique taste, less spicy than black pepper, offers sweet notes of red fruits, prunes, dates and honey.

 Also find our White Kampot Pepper to add pepper without coloring your purees, white sauces, mayonnaise and all fish and white meats. In the mouth, it develops an intense spicy taste with delicate notes of fresh herbs, eucalyptus, citrus and rosemary. It can be ground fresh on a grilled fish or steam, or on oysters. White Kampot Pepper will give spice to your sauces or broths.

The fourth variety in the box is our Salt Kampot Pepper (Epicures Prize 2020)

 Finally, find out our Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper, this is the new exclusive product from La Plantation!Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper goes wonderfully with a steak, playing the leading role in a delicious pepper sauce. Rehydrate the grains in the warm cream and pour this sauce at the last moment to deglaze the pan, without overheating the peppercorns.

Our tasting tip: We advise you not to mix Black, Red and White Kampot Peppers with other colors of pepper,  just as you wouldn’t do with a great vintage of wine.

Some recipe ideas: Ricotta with Salt Kampot Pepper, Poached Pears with Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper, Cookies with Red Kampot Pepper, Steamed Fish with White Kampot Pepper.

For those who wish to spice up everyday dishes


For simple, everyday cooking, the last box is a selection for you of “Our Essentials”. An assortment of different spices to discover the Kampot flavors  or to spice up your daily dishes. Here are some recipe suggestions to make with our box: risotto or turmeric rice, golden latte, vegetable or poultry broth, vegetable soup, foie gras, vegetable, meat and fish dishes. 

The ‘Our Essentials’ box includes:

 Our Black Kampot Pepper is essential to flavour your dishes during their cooking,

 Our White Kampot Pepper that doesn’t colour your purees, white sauces, mayonnaise and all fish and white meats,

 Our Kampot Flower of Salt to put on your table, a beautiful white color with a fragile crystalline and transparent texture - it’s less salty than its cousin from Guérande.

 The 4th spice found in this Gift Box is our Spicy Mix. A ready-to-use blend of sun-dried Kampot Flower of Salt, enhanced with Kampot Peppers and our own ground spices. It will be the essential ingredient for your Christmas foie gras.

 Finally, also find our Flower of Turmeric. Winner of an Epicures 2021 award, it is the spice that will surprise you the most in this box.

La Plantation's storage tip: Once the package is open, we recommend that you keep our spices in a closed jar, protected from light and moisture, so that it retains all its flavor.

Good to know: Each one of our Gift Box comes with a free recipe from the Season Suppers Cookbook, Vol. 1 - Autumn/Winter

Still not charmed? 

Here are some other ideas:

 Our beautiful beech wood mill

 Our recycled cotton tote bag

 Our Cookbook by Season Suppers: Vol. 1 - Autumn/Winter

For those who like smokiness: 

We advise you to order our Smoked Black Kampot Pepper - and the Smoke White one too - as well as our Smoked Sweet Long Chili - and Forest Cardamom.

For those who like spiciness: 

You will be amazed by both our Spicy Mango & Pineapple Sauces - our Trio of Crushed Peppers - and our Smoked Red Bird Chili.

For those who like herbal teas: 

Fill up on all the goodness with our Morning Boost - Moringa Leaves - Lemongrass Leaves - and finally, our Turmeric Petals.

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