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5 ideas to spice up your party night cocktail and the day after

5 ideas to spice up your party night cocktail and the day after

You never thought of adding spices to your cocktails and other winterly drinks? Don’t worry, here’s our recipe ideas to give them a boost (with moderation still)!

- Cardamom Bellini: the iconic Venitian drink, composed of Prosecco (or champagne) and peach purée is the way to impress your guests. To make them travel even further than Venice, towards South-East Asia, simply grind some Wild Cardamom in your peach nectar. Pour this mix into champagne glasses and wait until the last minute to pour the bubbly of your choice.

- Mulled Wine: the unmissable of the season is a true burst of spicy flavours. Did you know you could also make it with white wine? A true discovery for your guests, even the biggest mulled wine amateurs. Add some Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper, Red Long Pepper and Cassia Cinnamon to your choice of wine until boiling hot, and leave to rest out of heat for 20 minutes. Dose to your liking and heat it up at the last minute. Take the spices out before serving.

- Margarita: we love this Mexican cocktail. To make it, add 1 dose of tequila to 1 dose of lemon, and half a dose of triple sec. Add lots of ice, and sugar, if needed. Prepare the glasses: Soak their edges in lemon juice and then, in a blend of spices. We love to use our Smoky Mix, but you can also make your own blend, with our Kampot Flower of Salt, Young Ginger and Red Kampot Pepper. Want it spicier? You can grind a bit of Bird Chili, or add some Crushed Chilies’ Trio!

- Non-alcoholic or for the little ones: the warm and spicy apple juice. Nooting is as soothing as a warm drink on a cold evening. To boost your drink, infuse some Star Anise and Leather of Long Pepper in a pan on low heat for 30 minutes. Enjoy with the whole family!

- For the next day, we propose a detox infusion, our Morning Boost. Infuse 1 tablespoon of our blend of Moringa Leaves, Ginger Petals and Turmeric Petals in a pot for 10 minutes. To enjoy without moderation!

We wish you a lovely New Year’s Eve and a Year 2022, full of discoveries.

Take good care of yourself!

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