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5 spice combinations to try this summer

5 spice combinations to try this summer

Each season offers us new possibilities in the kitchen! At La Plantation, we love to experiment with seasonal fruits and vegetables found in Europe. We combine them with our spices from our Kampot Farm in southern Cambodia to give them an exotic touch and create seasonal dishes with unique flavours! Here are the combinations we suggest you try this month:


- Corn that we like simply grilled, on the barbecue, to be served with our Tamarind BBQ Sauce. It will delight vegetarians and meat lovers alike!

- Sauteed porcini, with our Black Kampot Pepper Sauce!

- Broccoli, which is cut into florets and roasted in the oven. They are served quickly out of the oven, with our Khmer Ketchup Sauce.


- Grapes, which we prepare in fresh jelly with our Red Kampot Pepper, or why not in a Dark Red version.

- Peach, which we like to preserve in syrup infused with our Pandan Leaves.

- And finally, the Blackberry, which we add to an iced infusion based on our herbal tea blend: Summer Freshness.

We hope you'll enjoy these seasonal spice/fruit and vegetable combinations! 

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