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Back to school with a spicy coffee

Back to school with a spicy coffee

Coffee is often the morning's must-have, especially at the beginning of the school year, to give us a good dose of energy. Whether you grind it at home, in a coffee maker or in an espresso version, a good cup of coffee heralds a great day ahead! And what if this month you added a touch of madness to your coffee... spicy? 

 I add cardamom

A very common practice in the Middle East, coffee is here combined with our Cardamom: Forest or Wild, depending on the season of our harvest, and your preference. 

Two options: if you grind your coffee at home, you can add a few hulled seeds, or if you prefer coffee already in powder form, you can add a turn of the grinder with Cardamom directly into the cup, or several in the coffee maker. This camphorated and slightly smoky taste will give a nice aromatic touch to your coffee, which will make you travel in the morning!

 I prefer a sweet coffee 

You can sweeten your coffee in a responsible way with our new PGI Palm Blossom Sugar (not to be confused with oil palm). Traditionally harvested in Cambodia, this sugar is entirely natural and unrefined. It is a real alternative to white sugar or brown sugar, thanks to its low glycemic index (below 30) and its environmentally friendly production method. Enjoy your coffee with a sweet touch, with round notes of caramel and toast.

 I want a comforting coffee 

Cassia Cinnamon provides a real roundness and a warm, sweet aroma that can replace the need for sugar entirely. In powder form it is very simple, just slip half a teaspoon into your cup. If you prefer sweet coffee, cinnamon is also your ally as it will help your body to better assimilate the carbohydrates present in sugar. Try it with a little milk, it's a real treat!

 I'm testing a coffee full of benefits 

Have you heard of 'dirty chai'? Quite popular in the United States and Great Britain, this coffee shop option means that the barista has to add 1 shot of espresso to a chai latte. We explain: you heat a shot of milk (vegetable or animal) in a pan, add a teaspoon of our Chai Mix, and stir well. If you prefer to create your own Chai, we recommend you brew 1 star anise and a spoonful of Flower of Turmeric and Cassia Cinnamon. Add a shot of espresso to this mixture and you're done!

So, which of our tip will you try this fall?

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