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From our Farm to your Table : here are Spring’s novelties

From our Farm to your Table : here are Spring’s novelties

And yes, every spice comes directly from our farm in Kampot to you in Europe; what a pleasure to show you our latest discoveries!

Hibiscus flowers packaging 100g

Our Hibiscus

Picked in February, our Hibiscus Calix are already available in stock. This is the guarantee of great freshness and exceptional aromas. The calix is at the base of the Hibiscus flower and is picked once the flower has faded. This red calix contains the seeds that we will replant in a few months, during the rainy season.

It will make a delicious and beneficial herbal tea with a bright pink colour and a fruity, tangy taste, to be enjoyed either hot or iced! Hibiscus infusion can also be used to flavour and colour your desserts such as crème brûlée, cakes, jellies, ice creams, sauces and jams. It can also be used in a surprising way in a starter (spring rolls, salads), or with meats like duck.

Consumption of Hibiscus is also said to have many benefits: it could lower blood pressure and could have an effect on the feeling of satiety (which can help with weight loss). What could be better than pampering your body while enjoying yourself?

crushed fresh salt pepper

Our Fresh Kampot Pepper with Salt : in crushed grains

At the Plantation, we produce fresh Kampot Salt Pepper twice a year:
    - In December and January: when the new bunches form after the rainy season.
    - Between February and June: if it rains for several days in a row, new bunches are formed and harvested for Salt Pepper (depending on the weather conditions).

Hand-picked, the fresh green peppercorns undergo a fermentation process that enhances the aromatic palette of fresh Kampot Pepper.
This crushed version comes from this second production at the end of the season. For those who love it, its taste is even more pronounced and powerful!

Crushed into small pieces just before packaging, Fresh Kampot Pepper with Salt can be added after cooking to your dishes or placed on your table to give a boost to all your favourite dishes. It goes perfectly with meat, fish, vegetables or pasta... and also in desserts! We love adding it to our mousses or chocolate or to season a beautiful seasonal fruit such as strawberries.

bottle of cardamom sauce

Our new Sweet Sauce : Duo of Wild Cardamoms

Our latest range of spicy sauces is being enriched this Spring! Following the response to our new exclusive Spicy Sauces, we have been experimenting to bring you a sauce that is very rich in spices, but not hot.   

Our Wild Cardamom Duo Sauce is prepared in Cambodia (in Kampot), using freshly ground spices and banana to give a beautiful natural consistency to this original sauce. Guaranteed, you've never tasted one like it!   

It is made from our two cardamoms; Wild and Forest, both of which are endemic to the Cardamom Range in North West Cambodia. Only one community has permission to collect this rare and wild spice, which is dried by smoking. Cardamoms develop fresh, minty and camphoraceous aromas reminiscent of the coniferous tree, with a strong aromatic power.   

Our Cardamom Duo Sauce offers a perfect balance between the intense taste of cardamom, the sweetness of banana and the spiciness of Galanga and White Kampot Pepper. It is an exceptional and original condiment to accompany your dishes, such as sautéed or steamed shrimps, steamed or grilled fish, grilled meats, cold meats, salads, fresh cheeses, or to be integrated directly into a vinaigrette or mayonnaise sauce. In short, with this new sauce you can experiment at the table and in the kitchen!

Psst... The next cargo ship is already at sea and will also bring you a lot of new spices and other sweet sauces!

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