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Add spices to your comfort food

Add spices to your comfort food

The most dreadful day of the year, the famous ‘Monday Blues’ finally went by. What if we start adopting a positive attitude now? As you may know, at La Plantation, it’s our spices that lit up our days and ovens. No rest for winterly cooking, spices invite themselves in our most traditional, most warming dishes. In short, the dishes that warm our bodies and hearts, that we wouldn’t give up for anything!

Spices even in our childhood dishes

You thought you needed to cook Asian dishes to appreciate our Cambodian spices? Not at all! Our little marvels can be paired perfectly with European meals, and even spice up the most traditional recipes. No more excuses left, even though we’re in the middle of Winter, add a good amount of spices in your cooking to guarantee a good dose of flavours!


Parmesan chips with a smoked flavour

This unmissable recipe for improvised aperitifs, or for a gourmet snack. Who doesn’t have a bit of parmesan in their fridge? We love to add our Smoked Sweet Long Chili in the parmesan powder, before making small piles on a baking sheet and tray. Add them to the oven at 200°C for 3 to 4 minutes by making sure they don’t burn.

By the way, if you’re vegan of lactose-free, our Smoked Sweet Long Chili can easily spice up chickpeas and smoked tofus, that we love to roast in the oven for a fully vegetal snack.


The most dreamy left-overs 

Your fridge is often filled with roast chicken, broths and other left-overs at the end of the weekend? Thanks to spices, give them a second life. We love to add our cooked meats to a coconut curry that we make under a minute; with our Green Khmer Curry and coconut milk. You don’t need anything else, and it’s ready asap!

Cacio e pepe macaronis

We adapt the famous Italian dish of cacio e pepe to our favourite childhood pasta: a macaroni casserole. A dish that is loved by everyone, entering a whole new dimension thanks to our Black Kampot Pepper, freshly milled. See, simplicity also rimes with spicy!  


A very spicy raclette 

We all know the pleasure of raclette, (or any melted cheese), whether you’re on a snowy

ski slope, or in town. It’s very easy to adapt depending on your equipment at home (you can easily melt your cheese in a pan). Don’t hesitate to wake up the tastebuds of your guests by giving them our Spicy Sauces to add on the melted cheese. Your loved one doesn’t eat cheese? Promise, our Sauces give a good dose of spiciness to the potatoes and charcuteries; no need to make an alternative dish!


A Sunday afternoon hot chocolate and brioche

What is most comforting than a hot chocolate — by the fire for the luckiest ones —, on a cold Sunday afternoon? But a chocolate in which you would add our Young Ginger and Cassia Cinnamon, a Star Anise and a pinch of freshly-milled Red Kampot Pepper. Naturally, we prefer it without sugar and made from a chocolate bar.

You can enjoy it with a soft Cardamom brioche, generously dipped in the hot chocolate. This way, Winter is so dreamy!

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