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How not to lose a drop of our sauces?

How not to lose a drop of our sauces?

It's a question that comes up a lot, and one that tickles a lot of people's fancy: how do you completely finish the bottles of La Plantation Spice Sauces? For this latest range, we want to offer you a product that is very intense in spices and fresh fruit. As a result of these qualities, the sauces are not very diluted, unlike most sauces on the market. Their texture is firm enough to be used as a condiment. And the end of the bottle can sometimes be difficult to reach. But don't panic, we have the solution!

Step 1: pour in Cider Vinegar

To liquefy the sauce at the bottom of our sauce bottles, we pour in a little liquid such as cider vinegar, preferably organic.

Step 2: Shake well

It's as simple as that: just shake the bottle well and that's it, you can enjoy the last drops of your sauce! In general, we advise you to shake your sauce bottles well before using them.

Our tip: take the sauce out of the fridge beforehand

Similarly, to ensure that the sauce flows well, we advise you to take your sauce out of the fridge half an hour to an hour before serving, so that it can warm up!

Our award-winning sauces

We are very proud to have already been awarded by professional juries:

- Green Kampot Pepper Sauce: Best of Gourmet 2021 and Epicures d'Or 2022

And this week:

- Khmer Roots Sauce: Best of Gourmet 2022

We hope these tips will help you finish all your sauces quickly. Don't hesitate to share your recipes and feedback on these new sauces.

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