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How to make your own gherkins?

How to make your own gherkins?

Homemade pickles are so good! Okay, so it's a bit of work, especially since last time we ordered 10 kilos... But what a pleasure to be able to taste pickles that you've made yourself, especially since you can choose which spices you add! We reveal to you the main steps to make your La Plantation crunchy vinegar and spice pickles:

- As with our spices, the secret to a successful pickle recipe lies in freshness. You should start preparing the pickles as soon as possible after harvest. If they come from your garden, you pick them in the early morning, that's even better! At the market, in season, you should buy them as soon as possible and reserve the morning for yourself.

- For the first step, use a brush to scrub each gherkin to remove the pimples and the small floral tips. Wear gloves as this is very irritating to the hands.

- Then place the gherkins in a container, add a good quantity of coarse salt, mix well to distribute the salt over the gherkins and leave to drain for a few hours or overnight in the refrigerator.

- Then run the gherkins under water to remove the excess salt and wipe them well with a cloth.

- Sterilize your jars in boiling water and line up your pickles vertically in each jar.

The Plantation's spiced pickles

- Our favourite step: adding spices. For our part, we added Black Kampot Pepper corns, Red Long Peppers, a couple of Bird Peppers, and some of our Curry Leaves which can also be replaced with bay leaves, and garlic cloves.

- Bring the white vinegar to the boil (pure or diluted 25% with water if you don't like the strong vinegar taste). Pour the hot vinegar over the gherkins and close the jars tightly, turning them over immediately.

- All that remains is to store your cooled jars of pickles in a cool place or in the refrigerator. Now comes the hardest part: having a little patience before tasting them after a minimum of one month!

We wish you a beautiful autumn season, full of pickles and spices!

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