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How to pair our spices with seasonal fruits and veggies ?

How to pair our spices with seasonal fruits and veggies ?
Whislt respecting ancestral traditions, our Fair Trade and organic permaculture projet follows a calendar full of seasonal events, from the growth, to the ripening, and the harvest, all done by hand. It’s crucial to us to respect the season of each plant we cultivate, to propose the best spices from Cambodia, to be enjoyed from your house.

As soon as they are harvested, our spices are immediately packaged and routed towards Europe. This freshness can be immediately witness as soon as the package is opened - a true explosion of flavours! 

This is why we wished to propose various ways to pair our spices - freshly arrived from Kampot, - with the seasonal fruits and winter veggetables that can be found in Europe. What better than to spice up your everyday cooking, by adding some Asian flavours to warm up these winter months? This selection of pairings is as good in your dish as it is for the planet, where Nature offers us each season a plethora of new creative possibilities!

This month, we propose to spice up these winter vegetables:

-  Beets • with our Young Ginger • soup

-  Jerusalem artichokes • with our Khmer Red Curry • crisps

-  Chicory • with our Sweet Long Chili - smoked • steamed

And these seasonal fruits: 

-  Clementines • with our Forest Cardamom • caramelised

-  Pineapple • with our Spicy Pineapple Sauce • sauteed

-  Apples • with our Red Long Pepper • crumble

Don’t hesitate to share your spicy recipe @laplantationfairspices

The team loves to check your pictures! 

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