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How to spice up your Holidays’ favourite dishes

How to spice up your Holidays’ favourite dishes

It’s the Holiday Season, of long tables and sweet moments spend with the family. If you are already fan of our spices, it’s the ideal occasion to share these flavours to your close ones, but also, the opportunity to invent new recipes!

Make everyone happy with these original spice - festive dishes pairings:

- Foie Gras:

The must of winterly tables, to which you can add a few peppercorns of our Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper. It takes no time to make, and will surprise your guests for sure! If you rather like a sweet flavour with your foie gras, you can also make a shallots chutney, spiced with our Red Long Pepper, or its Leather version. By the way, if you do not eat any animal products, we heard ‘Fake Foie-Gras’ pair perfectly with our Salted Long Kampot Pepper!

- Smoked Salmon:

This nordic flavour is sublimated by onion pickles. If this preparation seems complicated, it’s actually very simple. Bring to boil your sections of 2 red onions with a mixture of apple cider vinegar (170ml), water (160ml) and sugar (2 tablespoons) and a teaspoon of spices. We love to add some Star Anise, Green Dehydrated Kampot Pepper and a bit of Forest Cardamom.

- Gravlax Salmon :

A true alternative to diy at home. Prepare your blend of spices: 2 tablespoons of our Kampot Flower of Salt, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of Crushed Black Kampot, 1 teaspoon of Galanga, and 1 teaspoon of Green Khmer Curry. Add it in between 2 salmon fillets with some dill. Leave it to rest for 3 days in the fridge whilst getting rid of the water in the dish, a few times per day.

- Oysters:

The true iodized note of Christmas. Served raw with some freshly ground White Kampot Pepper, or warm with a leek compote with fresh cream and White Turmeric. Guaranteed surprise! 

- Turkey, capon and other poultry:

What if we marinade the traditional festive poultry? Massage it with our Smoked Sweet Long Chili, and Red Kampot Pepper before putting it in the oven. Don’t hesitate to add a twist to your mashed potatoes as well. We love to add a few Pearls of Long Pepper at the very last minute.

- Yule Log:

What’s more iconic than this Christmas dessert. If, like us, you’re a bit sick of eating the same yule log evey year, spices are your best allies. For the risk-takers: our Salted Fresh Kampot Pepper or Bird Chili. For the shy ones, a little dose of Cassia Cinnamon and Kampot Flower of Salt can awaken all of this chocolate. In between and still not decided? Our Young Ginger and/or Galangal are ideal to spice-up any dessert!

We are looking forward to seeing your Christmas dishes made with love and our spices!

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