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Allies for your health, herbal teas offer you their benefits

Allies for your health, herbal teas offer you their benefits

We all know our grandma’s remedy to drink a warm infusion before bed, but what about it really? Can infusions really help us to stay in good health? Today is the occasion to dissect all of that, thanks to our South-East Asian-flavoured infusions!

A whole new range of fresh and natural infusions

Since 2020, we have selected, for you, a large range of infusions from Cambodia. They are 100% natural and produced in our farm in Kampot, in the South of the country! Indeed, like with all our products, we don’t add any colouring, additives or conservatives; what you buy is the pure product.

Our second guarantee is freshness. By ordering our infusions, you get them directly from the producer (that’s us). On the same day of the harvest, our leaves, flowers or roots follow a drying or dehydration process to preserve, at the same time, their benefits and unique aromas. These infusions are packaged and sent to Europe, where they arrive under 3 months, with an unparalled freshness.

It’s also the reason why new products arrive each season, following their harvest, whislt respecting the natural calendar of each plant.


What’s phytotherapy?

Khmers have kept a great knowledge of surrounding plants. They continue to use them to heal and keep an optimal wellness all year long. We learnt a lot from their local savoir-faire, and wish to share with you a large range of infusions that can give you innumerable complementary benefits.

In Europe, you may know this ancestral tradition under the name of phytotherapy; using plants for everyday wellness, that we even find in Ancient Greece.

Be careful, this use of plants cannot substite a balanced-diet and a physical activity, but it’s an add-on, full of flavours!


Which infusion for which benefits?

Our range of infusions are subdivided in different categories depending on which part of the plant is being used. We find petals, flowers, leaves, roots or rhizomes, as well as mixes.

Often, it’s difficult to find exactly the infusion corresponding to our most pressing needs, because infusions have so many complimentary virtues. This is why we compiled a top of benefits that are most sought after in the Winter.

- I wish to soothe my digestive system: Star Anise, Betel and Long Pepper Leaves are your best allies

- I wish to do a detox: priviledge Turmeric and Ginger Petals, as well as Moringa Leaves

- I would like an all-over boost: we advise to try out Butterfly Pea Flowers, Galangal Petals and Kampot Pepper Leaves

- I want to lower my inflammation: look into our Lemongrass Leaves and Star Anise 


Why not making a cocktail for an extra boost?

We love to make our own infusion mixes, that’s why we decided to propose them individually. To add a good dose of flavours in your everyday life, you can compose your own cocktail full of vitamins and benefits

We love to infuse Ginger and Galangal Petals with Kampot Pepper Leaves in hot water (not boiling of course), that we can sweeten with honey (with not Manuka for a maximum of benefits), with some fresh lemon juice! Just as the grog of your childhood, this healthy version has everything you desire.

We wish you a healthy year with the benefits from our infusions!

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