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Kaffir Lime Leaves in Cambodia

Kaffir Lime Leaves in Cambodia

Kaffir lime is the popular name for Citrus hystrix, a small citrus fruit with a green, bumpy skin. Native to Southeast Asia and more particularly to the island of Subawa, located in the Indonesian archipelago, the Kaffir lime is a gift from the tropics that loves to grow in Cambodia. 

Kaffir Lime Leaves 



With a very fresh smell, Kaffir lime leaves are the emblem of Cambodian cuisine. They are often found in Fish Amok, Khmer curries and soups.

Its delicate scent of lemongrass and verbena will perfectly complement your dishes (fish, poultry, soup and curries, pastries, etc.) and can also be infused in your drinks, hot or cold!

Kaffir lime leaves are hand picked in our Kampot garden. After hand-removing their tails, the leaves are immediately washed and dried at a low temperature. The dried leaves are immediately cut and packaged to retain all their aromas, before being shipped.

Some ideas of recipes:

Tangy dressing

2 tbsp of olive oil
Juice of 1/2 lemon
2 tsp of kaffir lime leaves
1 mill turn of your favorite Kampot pepper
Fleur de Sel

Khmer dressing

2 tbsp of rice vinegar
2 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp of soy sauce
2 tsp of kaffir lime leaves
+ 1 tbsp of lemongrass powder as an option!

1 mill turn of your favorite Kampot pepper

Flavoured rice

To spice up fish and seafood

1 tsp of kaffir lime leaves per person, to add directly to the pan at the start of cooking

Kaffir Lime Zest

Harvested before they can reach full maturity, the Zest of the Kaffir Lime contains an optimal concentration of essential oils. Once washed, its thin layer of skin is immediately peeled by hand and then dried at a low temperature to preserve its fresh aromas. The dried zest is immediately crushed and packaged to retain all their aromas.

Kaffir Lime Zest can be used on its own, due to its powerful flavors, as well as mixed. With notes of lemongrass, mint and ginger, the zest enhances both sweet and savory preparations. For dessert, it is interesting to combine this coconut fruit in a cake or for your lemon meringue tarts.

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