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Let's look back at the busiest week of the year!

Let's look back at the busiest week of the year!

At La Plantation, we don't stop! Between trade fairs, visits to our dealers across France and Europe, the harvest and production that are still going on on site and many new products to come... This beginning of summer is proving to be busy! This week was particularly rich in emotions, and we tell you in detail about these various awards and recognitions.

Our Fresh Green Kampot Pepper Sauce has won another award

Do you already know our Fresh Green Kampot Pepper Sauce? It was introduced in the autumn, and had already won the Best Of 2021 award at the Salon Gourmet in Paris, with Vincent Ferniot among others on the jury.

This week, it was again in the spotlight, at the Prix Épicures du Monde de l'Épicerie Fine, which took place at the Pavillion Gabriel in Paris. After winning the Golden Epicure's Award in 2021 for our Turmeric Flower, and the Bronze Epicure's Award in 2020 for our Fresh Green Kampot Pepper with Salt... We were lucky enough to receive another Golden Epicure's Award for our Fresh Green Kampot Pepper Sauce! 

A huge thank you to the jury and the organisation of Le Monde de l'Epicerie Fine.

La Plantation Green Pepper Sauce

And was tasted by François-Régis Gaudry and his band on France Inter

This Sunday, June 26th, what a surprise to hear about our Fresh Green Kampot Pepper Sauce in François-Régis Gaudry's superb show "On Va Déguster" for his "Sapide été 2022", last episode before the summer holidays! 

Made exclusively during the 3 months of the pepper harvest, this sauce reveals the herbaceous, subtle and unique taste of Fresh Green Kampot Pepper. A limited edition to discover for summer barbecues! 

"A great length in the mouth, a perfect replacement for mustard, a perfect condiment for entrecote, duck and cold white meats or even carpaccio", François-Régis Gaudry's team tasted our award-winning sauce live and blind! We warmly thank them for their nice compliments and great tasting ideas. Don't hesitate to listen to the whole show.

And if you haven't tasted it yet, have fun reproducing this blind tasting with your guests this summer... Surprise guaranteed for all! 

Cluster of Pepper and Kaffir Lime

We had the honour of telling our whole story to Mint Magazine

"They had no small problems on their plantation. In the south of Cambodia, Nathalie Chaboche and Guy Porré have turned it into a spice paradise where you can find an angel bay appreciated by palates all over the world. What a pleasure it is to share our story with Mint Magazine, 'the first bi-annual food, travel and lifestyle magazine available throughout France'.

A real nugget, which allows us to travel and discover beautiful addresses and stories. Go and buy it in your favourite newsagent to discover in detail the story of our project!

A big thank you to Anoushka, the journalist, and Déborah, the founder, for selecting our project and putting it in text and image in the latest issue of Mint! 

Mint magazine cover

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