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Long Pepper: the ideal spice for the end of the year!

Long Pepper: the ideal spice for the end of the year!

Do you know our other variety of pepper... our Long Pepper? A cousin of our famous Kampot Pepper, Long Pepper, known botanically as Piper Retrofactum, is a vine from the island of Java in Indonesia. We would like to introduce you to this unique pepper with its warm and spicy notes, the ideal companion for winter dishes.

What is Long Pepper?

The Long Pepper tree that we grow in our Kampot Farm is a flowering vine that we grow along high wooden poles. This other variety has a longer fruit (about 3-5cm), the Long Pepper. In Kampot, unlike in Java where it originated, Long Pepper is traditionally harvested when ripe, when it turns red.

A spice full of benefits

Although Long Pepper is no longer the best known pepper in Europe, it was in ancient times and in the Middle Ages. Very popular in Rome and Greece, it reached Europe from the 5th or 6th century B.C., and was therefore the first pepper to reach Europe. But it was not for its aromas that it was used, but for its benefits: Hippocrates even defined it as a medicine and not a spice, inspired by Indian Ayurveda medicine. It is said to promote a good respiratory system, ideal for the cool winter months.

Our different varieties:

1) Red Long Pepper

Iconic of our Kampot region, Long Pepper is harvested at its peak of maturity, when it turns red. It is then washed, scalded and sun-dried for 2-3 days. It develops warm aromas of chillies and musk, with beautiful notes of chocolate, compote and gingerbread with a nice strength. It can therefore be used in both savoury and sweet dishes, crushed, grated or infused in your recipes. We love it with red meats, where it can be added to marinades, to spice up salads, but also on fresh or pan-fried fruit, such as pineapple. It can also be added to simmered dishes, to infuse compotes or broths. For the holidays, it will be the ideal ally for baked apples and mashed potatoes that accompany black pudding.

2) Fresh Long Pepper with Salt

Our Fresh Long Pepper with Salt is one of our many exclusive creations. For this product, we have innovated by picking it fresh, while it is still green, before processing it through our salting process. Ready to use, it is cut into slices and added to fennel salads, beef tartar or seafood.

Like our flagship product, Fresh Green Kampot Pepper with Salt, it is kept in the refrigerator so that it retains all its flavour and crunch. For typical winter dishes, it can be combined with oysters, but also to add a surprisingly salty touch to a chocolate mousse. 

3) Long Pepper Pearls

Our Pepper Pearls are tiny peppercorns, similar to poppy seeds. It's quite a job to get them! A meticulous process is carried out by our workers who look for these tiny grains in the red fruit of the long pepper tree. They are then washed and dried in the sun, before being packed directly at the Farm. This is a completely different way of discovering Long Pepper, where aniseed and minty notes stand out. In this season, our Pearls go particularly well with charcuterie and raclette, but also on an orange salad, to add a little freshness and spicy notes to festive meals.

4) Leather

And finally, the star of the holiday season; Long Pepper Leather ! Its warm and spicy notes, reminiscent of gingerbread or speculoos, are particularly well suited to festive and winter dishes. It is crushed in a mortar and pestle, then added to a duck carpaccio or foie gras. It can be infused in an onion jam, which goes very well with pâtés. And for a final surprise: we grind it in our preparation for fondant and other chocolate cakes. This exclusive spicy creation is sure to surprise you and give your winter cooking a boost! 

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