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Our new eco-friendly packaging

Our new eco-friendly packaging

Kraft and us, it’s a long love story. This organic and recyclable material corresponds perfectly to the values of La Plantation, and has been with us since the very beginnings.

So, what are those tubes about?

Our tube of spices can be used as a pretty container on your table. You just need to pour the inner bag to the kraft tube and enjoy. Don’t worry, our kraft is food grade and your spices will still be safe!

Other tip, they can pile up on top of each other to gain a lot of space. Convenient for professionnals with shops, but also for all the gourmets, as it is the opportunité to collect even more spices!

Looking towards the future

Respecting the environment is at the heart of our Fair Trade project, and we always strive to get better, towards less plastic. Our long-term goal is to have a 100% plastic free conditioning, and we always look for solutions that can guarantee the conservation of our spices for a few years, whilst being conscious of the environment.

Absorbing oxygen?

You might have noticed that an oxygen absorber might be present in your bag. No panic! After many years of experimentation, we finally decided to keep this oxygen absorber in the majority of our bags. It’s easy, it allows the conservation of the freshness of the product, the organoleptic qualities, the essential oils, the colour, and also, the aroma of each spice. It’s thus indispensable for you to enjoy fully our spices. Don’t forget to remove it as you open your new bag! 

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