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3 iced teas you should try

3 iced teas you should try

At La Plantation, we have prepared a range of 100% natural herbal teas, which are as good tasting as they are healthy. Here are our current favourite recipes, ideal for quenching the thirst of the whole family - sugar-free and naturally flavoured with our fresh plants. Ready for a trip to Cambodia?

Our Iced Hibiscus Flowers infusion

Do you know Agua Fresca? The typical Mexican drink with a tangy, berry taste is made from the calyxes of the Hibiscus flower. In Cambodia, we also cultivate this magnificent plant, a cousin of the mallow and the marshmallow. Hibiscus Sabdariffa (also known as Roselle, Guinea Sorrel, Abyssinian Pink Tea or Bissap) is a flowering shrub. Since ancient times, the Hibiscus flower has been used for its medicinal benefits and for cooking. The calyxes of its bright red flowers are harvested by hand and then dehydrated.

Iced Hibiscus Flowers infusion

How to prepare this infusion?

To make this iced infusion we heat water until it is lukewarm, and pour it over 2 tablespoons of Hibiscus Calyx for approximately 1.5L of water. Leave to cool for at least 1 hour.

As an option, you can prepare ice cubes of Hibiscus infusion the night before by following the same technique, then pouring the infusion into an ice cube mould. Alternatively, simply use plain ice cubes and add them to a glass before serving the chilled Hibiscus Calyx infusion. A guaranteed treat! 

Our lemonade with Butterfly Pea Flowers ice cubes

lemonade with Butterfly Pea Flowers ice cubes 1

How to prepare this infusion?

To prepare our colourful lemonade that magically turns from blue to pink, we prepare a warm infusion of Butterfly Pea Flowers the night before (or a few hours before), which we pour into an ice cube mould. When they are ready, prepare the lemonade by squeezing 1 or 2 lemons (or limes, depending on your preference) for 1.5 to 2 litres of filtered water. The ice cubes are taken out at the last moment, and the lemonade is poured over them at the last moment for a 'wow' effect when the colours change from blue to pink... Surprise guaranteed!

lemonade with Butterfly Pea Flowers ice cubes 2

Our Morning Boost iced tea 

Morning Boost iced tea 1

This is our favourite for Spring mornings: our Morning Boost infusion. Made with Moringa Leaves, Turmeric Petals and Ginger, it's the perfect blend to give you energy throughout the day.

How to prepare this infusion?

Heat up some water and add 2 tablespoons of the herbal tea in a coffee pot before pouring in the hot water. Be careful not to use boiling water, which will alter the energizing benefits of the plants. Instead, use warm to hot water and leave the mixture to infuse overnight in the coffee pot. In the morning, pour the infusion over a few ice cubes, and enjoy a real cocktail of benefits and intense aromas in the morning! 

Morning Boost iced tea 2

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