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The 5 unmissable spices for compotes

The 5 unmissable spices for compotes

Compotes are the true comfort food of the winter, naturally sweetened thanks to the fruit, that we love to spice up in different ways. You prefer poaching your fruits instead of compoting them? Don’t worry, these 5 unmissable spices to make compote also work perfectly with poached fruits!

Our ideal spices for compotes, and their aromas:

Star Anise

- Aniseed and slightly peppery notes, with a touch of liquorice

Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper

- Notes of fresh herbs, citruses and mint

Leather of Long Pepper

- Warm and spicy notes, of gingerbread and speculoos

Young Ginger

- Notes of citruses, floral and spicy

Cassia Cinnamon

- Soft and warm notes, both woody and sweet

Whether you like to cook apples, pears, quinces, or even more surprising fruits such as rhubarb or pineapple, a touch of spice will for sure surprise your guests. It’s the occasion to experiment in your kitchen!

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