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6 spices pairings to discover

6 spices pairings to discover

This is your chance to add a touch of Southeast Asia to your everyday cooking. These spice seasonings also help you to fill up on the many benefits of each spice.

The month of June symbolises the turn of summer, so we wanted to suggest some fresh and simple combinations to make for your family and friends. Let's discover the ideas and prepare our next aperitif:

Savoury :

- Fava beans that we use to make a delicious humous. We sprinkle a spoonful of Fresh Salted Red Kampot Pepper on top!

- Aubergine caviar (also known as 'moutabal') spiced with our White Chilli.

- Green beans simply sautéed with Black Kampot Pepper.

Sweet :

- Cherry clafoutis flavoured with some Forest Cardamom

- Raw melon with our iconic Citrus Mix

- Redcurrant coulis that we infuse with our Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper

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