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The 6 spicy sauces of the moment

The 6 spicy sauces of the moment

We are proud to present a whole new range: our Spicy Sauces. Realised in Cambodia (Kampot), using fresh fruits and spices, these sauces offer a spiciness (subtle to intense) full of flavours and surprises. Each recipe is the occasion to rediscover your favourite spices! 

These sauces, rich and intense in spices, are very little dilluted, to offer a fresh and powerful flavour. Without any colouring or preservative, they have to be shaken before usage and kept in the fridge once open. 

They are available in a 100ml glass bottle, packed in a recycled kraft box, and their Best Before is of 24 months.

- Spicy Pineapple, made from pineapple, vinegar, Yellow Chili, Ginger, brown sugar, Red Kampot Pepper, Sea Salt, lime juice, Turmeric. It goes perfectly with tacos, ribs, and grilled fishes.

- Spicy Mango, with mango, vinegar, Red Chili, onion, Green Kampot Pepper, Ginger, Sea Salt, Cardamom. Ideal for sushis, ceviches, and shrimps.

- Smoked Chili, composed of Vinegar, Red Chili, tomato, brown sugar, oinion, carrot, garlic, Black Kampot Pepper, Ginger, Cassia Cinnamon, Cardamom, Sea Salt, Star Anise, Curry Leaves, Turmeric. It’s unmissable for meat marinades and buffalo sauce.

- Khmer Masala, that contains Red Chili, vinegar, tomato, garlic, Smoked Black Kampot Pepper, brown sugar, Sea Salt, Smoked Sweet Long Chili, lime juice. It’s perfect to add into a bloody Mary cocktail, and on top of an avocado toast.

- Tamarind BBQ, made with tamarind, tomatoes, tomato sauce, brown sugar, onion, vinegar, bourbon, Smoked Chili, Smoked Sweet Long Chili, Smoked Kampot Peppers. We love to eat it with burgers, fries, grilled meat and veggies.

- And finally, Fresh Green Kampot Pepper, that has Fresh Green Kampot Pepper, vinegar, palm sugar, fresh lime juice, sea salt, powdered Moringa leaves, powdered Pandan leaves. It is made exclusively during the 3 months of pepper harvesting, this sauce reveals the herbaceous, subtle and unique taste of Fresh Green Kampot Pepper.

- A limited edition, order it asap! It already won the BEST OF 2021 of the Gourmet Salon (watch the prize ceremony).

With such a huge succès met by the Fresh Green Kampot Pepper, we decided to launch a full range of Sweet Sauces made from our fresh spices. Sauces for all, for the little ones and adults alike!

Don’t hesitate to tag us @laplantationfairspices on your own recipes! 

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