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The Plantation is also an environmental preservation project

The Plantation is also an environmental preservation project

Since the establishment of La Plantation, we have wanted to set up an environmental protection and reforestation programme. Today, we would like to present this ecological project to preserve our environment, as a direct continuation of our social project.

View on the Salachan

Protection of the surrounding hills

In Cambodia, the hills belong to the state and cannot be exploited or built on. However, it is our responsibility to maintain them and protect them from fire, deforestation and logging. We have therefore created firebreaks that have protected us from fires caused by neighbours on several occasions and allowed our farmers to intervene and stop the spread of fire. They were trained in fire fighting by the Kampot fire brigade. The water tanks and pumps can also be used at any time if needed.

This new ecosystem and the protection of our hillsides allows a beautiful wild flora and fauna including many species of birds, which are no longer hunted, and wild animals, such as local deer, to thrive peacefully.

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Planting many species

The meeting with Swiss friends who are developing, with the support of the curator of the Singapore Botanical Garden, a reforestation project close to The Plantation was a revelation. We then developed a nursery with many species of precious and common trees and rare plants which we then planted on the property ensuring a beautiful diversity. We also developed the ornamental gardens for the tourist area with many varieties of trees and fruit trees, such as tamarind, durian, pomelo, mango, banana, pomegranate, palm, moringa, combava, curry. 

These trees are also very useful for the various plantations, providing diversity and shade when needed.


An ecological and organic commitment

In a desire to protect our environment, we have obtained organic certification from Ecocert for the entire Plantation. Through this ecological commitment we use only natural fertilisers and products for our crops and gardens. A waste management and composting programme allows us to move towards self-management of our nutritional intake.  

A tropical garden

We took advantage of the calm of the pandemic period to create a tropical garden which, after two rainy seasons, has taken on its full dimension. Organised around the five senses, this garden allows you to discover a wide variety of local species, flowers, plants and trees. It is open to visitors every day, so don't hesitate to discover it, after visiting our plantations and our other agri-tourism activities

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