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The rendez-vous of the year for the chefs and gourmets

The rendez-vous of the year for the chefs and gourmets

Taste of Paris, is the true rendez-vous for all gourmets. So many of you came to meet Michelin-starred chefs, young cooks and other producers, at this sixth edition, held this time in the Grand Palais Éphémère.

For us, it was our very first edition. A true pleasure to meet so many foodies, gourmets, amateurs and future chefs. It was the occasion to launch our Mortar and our Tote Bag, as well as a whole new range of Spicy Sauces, and make you taste them. What we can say is that this edition of Taste of Paris wasn’t lacking in spiciness! 

4 intense days, with 2 sessions per day, lunch and dinner, until past midnight. Nothing beats seeing our visitors’ sparkling eyes as they discover the incomparable freshness and aromas of our spices.

We wanted to thank the many of you that came to see us, for the good vibes and convivial moments.

Good news, we’ll meet again from the 12th to the 15th May 2022, for the seventh, and our second edition of Taste of Paris. Until then, we guarantee many new inventions and always more spices! 

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