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We met the greatest chefs at Taste au Paris

We met the greatest chefs at Taste au Paris

We would like to thank you for your warm welcome, what a pleasure for us to let you discover and taste our latest products, especially our Sweet Sauces: Duo of Cardamoms and Green Kampot Pepper which did not leave you indifferent!

It is also an amazing opportunity for a friendly meeting with starred chefs, young chefs, and participants of Top Chef... All gathered in the same place, around our common passion for gastronomy and good products!

Exhibition of La Plantation products at Taste

The highlights of our second participation in Taste of Paris :

- Some chefs were able to discover and use our products for their recipe live on the show: 

Amandine Chaignot and the Leather of Long Pepper 

Amandine Chaignot at Taste Fair

Alessandro Lorenzin who concocted a Tiramisu with our Wild Cardamom

Tiramisu with Wild Cardamom from La Plantation

What a joy to have been so well surrounded around our stand.
Our neighbours and exceptional chefs: Astrance / Pascal Barbot, Substance / Matthias Marc, Chocho / Thomas Chisholm and Kei / Kei Kobayashi.

As well as the salmon producer Salma and the Gillardeau oysters, who paired their sublime products with our Fresh Salted Green Kampot Pepper and our Green Kampot Pepper Sauce.

La Plantation's range of sauces at Taste of Paris

Many visitors to The Plantation recalled their good experience of visiting our farm in Kampot, Southern Cambodia. Having come to Cambodia for the most part before the pandemic, it was a real pleasure to show them our latest products!

Other visitors who discovered La Plantation's products last September at the previous edition (and our very first participation) of the Taste of Paris 2021, came to restock and test our new products designed for the occasion!

We hope to see you there for the next edition! If you haven't been able to discover our latest product, the Cardamom Duo Sauce, you can find it on our e-commerce site.

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