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Discover the Birds Pepper, the most unique pepper in the world

Discover the Birds Pepper, the most unique pepper in the world

Our Kampot Bird Bepper is a true marvel of nature. This exceptional pepper features as one of the rarest spices of the world, of which we produce an extremely limited quantity each year!

So, what is it that makes this bird pepper so special?

The Kampot Bird Pepper is spoken about since the 19th century

During his 3-year stay in Kampot in 1876, Auguste Pavie, high-ranking official, bore witness of the rare and exceptional nature of the Bird Pepper, who was at that time sold at a very high price in Chinese pharmacies:

    ‘We can also distingish the rare bird pepper. This last one is composed of corns that we gather on the ground, under the trees surrounding the pepper plantations. They come from corns that have been digested by frugivorous birds, rejected in their droppings. This corns can be recognised in their white or dull aspect, sometimes slightly pink. The Chinese attribute aphrodisiac virtues to this pepper; il is highly sought-after and reaches a high price.’

    (translated excerpt from our Book - La Renaissance du Poivre de Kampot - La Plantation - 2019)

ancestral history of Kampot Pepper

Frugivorous bird do the work

Its mode of production and collect make the Bird Pepper the rarest pepper in the world. The birds approach the pepper plantations during the harvest period, as the pepper grains mature and turn from green to red. The bird truly appreciate, just as us, the sweet and perfumed flavour of juicy red peppercorns, at full maturity! They peck on the largest grains on the cluster, digest them, and reject the inner core in their droppings. The gastric acid of their digestive system destroy the pericarp of the pepper. They undergo a beneficial transformation that reinforces the aromas of the White Kampot Pepper.

inside the plantation

How we collect the rare corns of Bird Pepper

What’s left is to gather the kernels in the birds’ droppings all around La Plantation. This meticulous labour is done by women as they weed, allowing them to collect a few dozen corns per day. The grains and then washed and naturally dried in the sun.

Bird pepper in jar

An exceptional and highly aromatic pepper

The true grains of Bird Pepper can be recognised by the striped structure of their grains. The pericarp being taken off in a softer manner than the other White Kampot Pepper (the pericarp of the peppercorn at full maturity is taken off after a full day of soaking in water). It thus develops stronger aromas than the traditional White Kampot Pepper.

This exceptional Pepper will pair perfectly white your dishes of choice: fishes, St Jacques, oysters, fish or veal carpaccios, morels…


Be careful, only buy certified Bird Pepper

The picking of our Kampot Bird Pepper is approximately 15 kgs each year at La Plantation.

The authenticity of our Bird Pepper is certified by the KPPA (Kampot Pepper Promotion Association), the highest authority on the matter.

As with all peppers and other spices, by buying directly from the producer (that’s us), you can be fully aware of the provenance of your spices!

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