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We tell you all about our exclusive creations

We tell you all about our exclusive creations

At La Plantation, one of our main drives, and has been for almost 10 years now, is innovation. Constantly experimenting to produce new blends, to sublimate emblematic products, to create unique combinations, to rediscover lost species... As both a producer and a brand of spices, innovation is present at all levels! Our exclusive creations bear witness to this quest for constant innovation to produce exceptional spices. We present them to you in detail in today's article. 

Le Poivre de Kampot Vert Frais au Sel

Our very first exclusive creation: Fresh Salted Green Kampot Pepper

An emblematic product of the Kampot region, and consumed fresh on the spot, the Green Kampot Pepper is a real explosion of fresh and peppery flavours. Its crunchy texture in the mouth then develops woody and vegetal notes, with hints of pine and eucalyptus. To preserve these aromas and its freshness, we have developed a unique process based on Kampot salt that extends the shelf life from a few days to 2 years. A unique opportunity to discover this fresh pepper... From our farm to your table, it can be eaten from the aperitif to the dessert, where it will delightfully surprise your guests in a chocolate mousse.

Le Poivre Long Frais au Sel

Fresh Salted Long Pepper 

The same goes for Long Pepper, a liana related to Kampot Pepper. The fruits are harvested by hand before they are fully ripe, when they are still green. They are then scalded and undergo a complex process of fermentation with Kampot salt. Medium hot, with notes of herbs and artichoke, Fresh Long Pepper with Salt is cut into thin slices to sprinkle on fennel salads, beef tartar, or to infuse feta cheese with olive oil. The team's tip: keep these salt peppers in the fridge to keep them fresh!

Gingembre Jeune

Young Ginger

Do you already use ginger in your everyday cooking? You will discover a completely different version of this spice with our Young Ginger. We have chosen to harvest it while it is still young, before it is fully ripe, while it is still full of juice and not stringy. Once dehydrated and protected from UV rays, it develops an exceptional aromatic palette with notes of citrus, both floral and spicy. It is the ideal ally for soups and broths, but also for sweet dishes based on chocolate and pear. 

Mélanges d'épice

Our Mixes

When you are lucky enough to have all these fresh spices at your disposal, what could be more tempting than creating mixes? Our first blends were created with Fleur de Sel de Kampot and spices. Then, in response to our customers' requests, we offered mixes of Khmer curries, very aromatic and not very spicy, designed from traditional local recipes. In a sweet version, we designed a Chai Mix, based on Cinnamon, Cardamom, Turmeric, Kampot Pepper and Ginger. Other blends will be available in 2023 to accompany BBQs and plancha in the summer months!

Sauces de la Plantation

Our latest range: our Sauces 

As a result of several years of experimentation, our Spice Sauces are prepared with fresh fruits or spices, such as pineapple, mango, tamarind, peppers, roots or chillies, without any preservatives. From the mildest to the hottest, a unique choice of fresh sauces, to be used as a condiment, seasoning, marinade, in a sauce, cocktail... in all sauces. A simple and fun way to discover spices.

We now offer a range of 12 sauces, some of which have already been selected by gastronomic juries and awarded gold medals (Epicures d'Or and Best of Gourmet).

Ananas du Cambodge

Cambodia, a major producer of exotic fruits

In the continuity of our search for Cambodian products, we wish to highlight the small fruit producers... but by associating our spices with them. At the end of the year and in 2023, we will offer a range of dried exotic fruits flavoured with Red Kampot Pepper or Chai Mix. The fruits are picked locally when fully ripe, then dried and spiced. They can be eaten as a snack or used in cooking.

We don't stop there! We are full of new ideas and will be happy to present you with many new products in the near future...

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