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We’re launching a brand new range of Sweet Sauces

We’re launching a brand new range of Sweet Sauces

Following your feedback, we have decided to offer a range of Sauces with a less intense spiciness, and Sweet and Mild Sauces that appeal to young and old alike.

Sweet but very spicy sauces! 

With all the fresh spices and ripe fruits at our disposal, we asked our Chef-Saucier to propose a new range of sweet sauces developing a very powerful and varied aromatic richness, without peppers. A new way to enjoy our spices! The Sweet Spice Sauces can be used as a condiment or in marinades and can be combined deliciously with your sweet preparations. We present you in detail, all these new sauces.

Khmer Roots Sauce

Our Khmer Roots

Our Khmer Roots Sauce features three rhizomes that are used daily in Khmer cuisine. With a beautiful yellow-orange colour, it is a concentrate of flavours that offers a perfect, subtle and tasty balance between the strong and powerful notes of ginger, turmeric and galangal rhizomes, balanced by the soft and sweet notes of banana and palm flower sugar.

It features Young Ginger, Galanga, Turmeric Flower, and also banana, fresh ginger, onion, brown sugar, vinegar, lime juice, and a little salt!

Here are some Recipe Ideas: Papillote chicken or fish, stir-fried vegetables, poke bowl, brousse, sauce for spring rolls.

Ginger Papaya Sauce

Our Ginger Papaya

Our Ginger Papaya Sauce brings out the powerful taste of ginger. It develops fresh notes with fresh and powdered ginger, warmed by the hot spiciness of Long Pepper and sweetened with papaya. The papaya, picked while still young, also naturally contributes to the consistency of the sauce. 

It is composed of fresh Ginger and our Young Ginger powder, as well as papaya, lime juice, cane sugar and our brand new Palm Blossom Sugar. Finally, a touch of Red Long Pepper, coriander, and salt.

How to use it? It is ideal to accompany seafood platters (oysters), in a mayonnaise, or in chicken or shrimp marinades. Surprise, we slip it into our fruit salads! Do you love ginger? It is a delicious accompaniment to fresh goat's cheese or yoghurt.

Cardamom Duo Sauce

Our Cardamom Duo

You may have already tasted it, as it arrived in Europe a few months ago; our Cardamom Duo Sauce is a great opportunity to discover the aromatic richness of these small seeds harvested by our pickers in the primary forest of the Cardamom Range in northern Cambodia. Very rich in aromatic palette, it will please all the cardamom fans and will be a great discovery for the uninitiated. It includes our Wild and Forest Cardamoms, as well as our Galanga, White Kampot Pepper and Fleur de Sel. The consistency is obtained naturally by incorporating banana, a natural thickener, into the recipe.

What to pair it with? Simple and effective, it is the ideal ally of fresh cheeses and other spreadable cheeses. But also with sautéed prawns, steamed fish, fish carpaccio or tartar, grilled meats and even cold meats. For dessert, it goes wonderfully with a strawberry salad!

Ketchup Khmer Sauce

Our Khmer Ketchup

Ketchup sauce is a must-have sauce. We wanted to add a local touch to our Khmer Ketchup Sauce, with unique ingredients such as Paddy Herb, smoked Cinnamon, Galanga, Vintage Kampot Pepper. Of course, it also contains the basic ingredients like tomatoes, Sweet Long Pepper, and a little bit of cane sugar, salt and vinegar. Classic and original!

We use it as a ketchup, with a burger and fries, or fish & chips, and to add a bit of sweetness to vegetables, and even with pasta. 

It really is our ideal creation for introducing children to spices.

Cinnamon Tamarind Sauce

Our Cinnamon Tamarind

If you haven't tried tamarind yet, our Cinnamon Tamarind Sauce is a must try. The tangy taste of Tamarind is balanced with the sweet notes of our Cinnamon Chip. A perfect balance of sweet and sour and a simple yet delicious recipe that will appeal to both young and old.

So how do you enjoy it? Simply, as a jam on a slice of bread, or in a yoghurt. In a savoury dish, in caramelised pork or duck, or in aubergine confit! A real treat! 

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