Learn more about our certifications

What is a label?

A label is an element of identification guaranteeing specific aspects of a product, a service or a company and which is generally effected by the presence of a logo on the packaging. They can be national or international. Based on specifications relating to the production methods of a particular product or service, they are awarded by an independent certification organization, whether private or public.

What is a certification?

A certification is a recognition of a company's compliance with several criteria set by a competent authority. The verification is done in the form of a certificate issued by this authority to attest to the compliance of the certified company with the standards and regulations.

What are their roles?

Certifications play a major role for La Plantation. They guarantee the quality of our products, our human commitment in Cambodia and also our desire to use a method of cultivation and production that respects the environment.

The criteria to get certifications require us to achieve a level of excellence because we want to offer the best products to our customers. Our various certifications and labels are granted by official certification bodies after evaluation of our production processes, the working conditions of our 120 employees in the Kampot region and our respect for the centuries-old traditions of Kampot pepper cultivation.

Kampot Pepper Promotion Association : 

Protected Geographical Indication certification 

Fair Trade WFTO Certification 

Ecocert certification

Biological Agriculture label 

USDA Organic label

Collège Culinaire de France label