La Plantation's mission and engagements

La Plantation is involved in several social and environmental projects in the Kampot region of Cambodia.

Guy and Nathalie, the two founders of La Plantation, fall directly under the spell of the region. They thus decide to launch a real social and ecotourism project, which benefits all residents around La Plantation:

- Committed to improving the living conditions of neighboring families, the family business creates the association Les écoles de La Plantation, which aims to promote access to education for all children in the village.

- Concerned about preserving the Khmer architectural heritage, La Plantation buys, dismantles, moves and rebuilds identically traditional wooden houses, doomed to destruction. They allow to understand and apprehend the culture and the way of life of the Cambodian rural families.

- Sensitive to the environmental cause, recognizing the impact of climate change, Guy and Nathalie have embarked on a vast project to reforest the land, hills and all around the pepper plantations. A nursery has been set up allowing the planting of thousands of trees.

- Finally, La Plantation has become an agritourism center highlighting in particular the traditional culture of Kampot Pepper and Cambodian spices and offers activities around La Plantation, under the supervision and benevolence of local guides, proud to help people discover their cultural heritage.

A few words about the Les écoles de La Plantation association:

Our association's primary objective is to promote access to primary education for all the children of our village. However, our real challenge and commitment is to offer these rural children the opportunity to study from high school to university in order to get a rewarding job.

Our mission

The Les Écoles de La Plantation association actively supports the education of children in the rural region of Kampot by giving them the opportunity to access an education from Tropang Kok Knong Primary School, then to secondary and higher than Vattanac Vichea high school up to university.

The distance between the village and the town of Kampot can be a barrier to accessing secondary education. That’s why our high school and senior student support program includes transportation by minivan in the morning and evening. We also fund their entire school curriculum, provide uniforms, notebooks, books, their breakfast and give them money to have lunch at school.

We want these future adults to be autonomous and responsible. Today, in Cambodia, a person's salary can financially support several generations of the family. We are happy to give the children of the village the opportunity to access a quality education which will give them access to rewarding jobs. They will thus be able to financially support their families.

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