Find out our selection of spices for butchers

You are the owner of a cheese factory or manager of an independent business specialized in quality cheeses?

We offer a tailored selection of spices to suggest to your customers to enhance your cheese offering.

La Plantation, is a family owned and operated business founded in 2013. We are committed to a sustainable and responsible policy of developing and producing quality spices. We produce high quality spices and Kampot Pepper. We have a network of distributors and retailers throughout France.

You wish to complete your offer with original and quality products? Find in our range of natural spices to subtly spice up your daily cooking, but also unique spices for more elaborate recipes.


Each kit comes with a compact display to put on your counter, as well as flyers with suitable recipe ideas.

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We recommend the following references, which go perfectly with different types of cheese:

Black Kampot pepper: whole grains to be ground on the plate - red meats, marinades, cooked dishes.
Red Kampot pepper: whole grains to be ground on the plate - white meats
Fresh Kampot pepper with salt: whole crunchy grains to be sprinkled on the plate, on all types of meats.
Dehydrated green Kampot pepper: whole grains to be rehydrated - escalopes with cream, duck breast with honey, steak with pepper.
Red Long pepper: whole in marinades, broths, slow-cooked dishes or fruit compote.
Smoky Mix: marinades, bbq, chicken, cold cuts.
Red curry: chicken or pork curry - use dry or in sauce with coconut milk.
Pepper & Spice: a blend of coarsely crushed spices, ready to use on grilled meat, foie gras or pâté.
Sauces : rich and intense in spices, to use as condiments or with mayonnaise.

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