« La Plantation is a family, social and sustainable project that started in 2013, during our first trip to Cambodia. The discovery of this country, the tranquility of its rural landscapes and the kindness of its inhabitants touched us. We fell in love with the country and imagined that we could take part of the development of the country in this rural region of Kampot, in the South West of Cambodia. »

Nathalie and Guy

After a long career in IT for American and European companies, we have put our experience as entrepreneurs at the service of:

  • The outreach of the Kampot region (creation of the main agro-tourism center in Cambodia),
  • The village community (creation of a flagship pepper and spice plantation and processing plant on site, becoming the region's largest employer),
  • The Revival of Kampot Pepper (writing a book on the history of Kampot Pepper and launching the spice brand La Plantation distributed in more than 40 countries),
  • Product Innovation (development of new products like the Salted Kampot PepperTM),
  • The Preservation of the Khmer architectural heritage (acquisition and resettlement of traditional Khmer houses, including 2 Sala Chan - monks' refectories)
  • The protection of the environment (Certified Organic farm, planting of thousands of trees, permaculture, waste management (recycling and composting), water ponds to collect rainwater, solar panel farm)
  • The Small Farmers for which we are committed to buy their production of Kampot Pepper at a price higher than the market price and allow them to live decently from their harvest (Fair Trade-WFTO certification in progress)
  • And last The kids from the villages around,for whom we give a support and the unique opportunity to access a good level of education (educational financial aid for the primary school and scholarship for secondary and high school up to university).