Smoked Bird Chili
  • Smoked Bird Chili
  • Smoked Bird Chili
  • Smoked Bird Chili
  • Smoked Bird Chili

Smoked Bird Chili whole


The seeds of our wild bird chili were harvested in the nearby forest because this small species is no longer cultivated in Cambodia. They are now grown at La Plantation around our Kampot pepper plantation. The dried fruits are cold-smoked.

15g food-certified paper tube



The Bird chili is a rare variety in Cambodia now grown at La Plantation. The chili fruits are harvested by hand, dried immediately, cold smoked and packaged immediately to retain all their flavor.

Cold smoking adds a slight smokiness to the spicy taste of Bird Chili. Perfect ingredient to spice up meat, avocado toast, scrambled eggs.

It will give a delicious smoky note to your spicy sauces such as harissa, rougail, traditional Argentinian chimichurri, guacamole, a spicy curry sauce or paste. You will appreciate its flowery and spicy scent.

Once the package is opened, we recommend that you transfer the Chili from the plastic bag directly to the paper tube certified for food. Keep it in a cool, dry place, away from light and moisture and retain its unique flavor and aroma.

Data sheet

Bird Chili
Kampot - Cambodia
Net Weight
The chili is packed in a sealed bag, inserted in a paper tube certified for food. Recycled paper label.
100% Smoked Bird Chili
Grain color
Dark Red
Smoky and Chocolate
Strongly spicy
24 months
Store in a cool, dry place away from light and moisture
Shipped in sealed bags
Allergy free