White Kampot Pepper PGI
  • White Kampot Pepper PGI
  • White Kampot Pepper PGI
  • White Kampot Pepper PGI
  • White Kampot Pepper PGI
  • White Kampot Pepper PGI
  • White Kampot Pepper PGI

White Kampot Pepper PGI


White Kampot Pepper is one of the few peppers in the world to be produced from the full-grown red corns. Its subtle aroma and notes of citrus and eucalyptus seduce the great chefs and the amateurs.

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White Kampot Pepper, the essence of Pepper 

Cultivation method

Our White Kampot Pepper is one of the few peppers in the world to be produced from fully ripe red peppercorns. This production method is imposed on Kampot producers by the PGI designation. Our White Kampot Pepper is a rare, fine and delicate product.

The red peppercorns are picked one by one on the bunch. They are then washed, scalded and spent one night in a vat of clear water. The skin surrounding the stone is then very soft and can be easily removed. The peppercorns are then washed several times and dried in the sun for two to three days depending on the amount of sunlight.

A Unique White Kampot Pepper

Unlike White Kampot Pepper, most of the white peppers produced in the world are made from green or black peppercorns. They must therefore soak sometimes for several weeks in order to remove the outer shell. This long maceration gives the white pepper a strong, animal smell that is not very pleasant for some people.

Our White Kampot Pepper is therefore differentiated by its true pepper aroma with a mentholated note

PGI Kampot Pepper

The Kampot Pepper Geographical Indication (PGI) highlights the unique terroir of the Kampot region: its soil, tropical climatic conditions, proximity to the sea and maximum sunshine during the harvest season. The specifications of the Kampot Pepper appellation determine the qualities to be respected for each color of pepper. For the White Kampot Pepper, a manual selection is made grain by grain after drying, to keep only the large grains, of a beautiful beige color and eliminate all the grains that do not meet these criteria. The minimum size for White Kampot Pepper is 3 millimeters. Only beautiful peppercorns, with a nice light beige color, are sold as White Kampot Pepper.

The short soaking and natural drying phase in the sun give White Kampot Pepper its special taste and aroma.

Please note that the designation White Kampot Pepper does not imply that the seeds must be very white. If you see snow-white peppercorns on the market, it is not a natural color. The seeds will have been artificially blanched. The color of our White Kampot Pepper corns is creamy white to beige, light brown, and you can see small streaks on the seed.

A long Tradition of Pepper in the Kampot region

The Kampot region has developed its reputation with pepper grown in the area since the 13th century. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, pepper cultivation developed with the arrival of the Chinese from Hainan Island. Kampot being the only port of Cambodia controlled all the export trade, of which Pepper represented an important part. The end of the protectorate and the Khmer Rouge civil war almost caused the disappearance of pepper cultivation in the region. Fortunately, a few families of planters had managed to preserve small plantations and were able to contribute to the revival of pepper cultivation by cuttings. Far from the production of the beginning of the 20th century, the current production of the real Kampot Pepper is about 100 tons per year.


In the mouth, White Kampot Pepper develops an intense spicy taste with delicate notes of fresh herbs, eucalyptus, citrus and rosemary.

Recipe Ideas

It can be ground fresh on grilled or steamed fish, oysters, shellfish or seafood. White Kampot Pepper will add spice to your sauces or broths. Another advantage, highlighted by chefs, is its color. Indeed, freshly ground White Kampot Pepper will not color dishes, such as mashed potatoes or a white sauce.

Some recipe ideas for using White Kampot Pepper:
- Mashed potatoes à la Joël Rebuchon
- Just ground on an oyster or a raw or cooked scallop, a carpaccio of sea bass
- Mussels or marinated cockles (to be ground at the end of cooking)
- On a steamed fish or in papillotte

Advice for use

As with all our Kampot Peppers, we recommend not mixing White Kampot Pepper with other colors of pepper, as you would with a fine wine.

Once opened, we recommend that you store White Kampot Pepper in a cool, dry place, away from light and moisture, so that it retains its full flavor and aroma. And to keep its aroma, White Kampot Pepper should be ground or crushed at the last moment. For this, you can use La Plantation's mill with ceramic mechanism or the handmade mortar made of sugar palm wood.

Data sheet

Piper Nigrum
Kampot IGP – Cambodia. The Plantation is a Certified Kampot Pepper Producer (KPPA ID: P-3-002-001)
100% White Kampot Pepper PGI
Slightly spicy - Notes of citruses, of rosemary and fresh herb
Spice-Food Pairing
Fish and seafood, white meat, eggs, mashed potatoes, white sauces (ideal, it doesn’t colour)
36 months
Store in a cool, dry place away from light and moisture
Allergy Free
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