Dark Red Kampot Pepper PGI
  • Dark Red Kampot Pepper PGI
  • Dark Red Kampot Pepper PGI
  • Dark Red Kampot Pepper PGI
  • Dark Red Kampot Pepper PGI

Dark Red Kampot Pepper PGI (50g)


Dark Red Kampot Pepper is produced from fully ripe red peppercorns. Carefully selected, by hand, the corns of red pepper turn into a purple-red color after scalding and sun-drying process.

It develops more floral and sweet notes than Red Kampot Pepper.

Available in 50g recycle paper pack to discover this new product.



The harvest of Kampot Pepper starts in February when the first peppercorns begin to ripen on the clusters. Only the ones with red peppercorns are selected and picked by hand by our teams. As the harvest moves on, in the middle of the dry season in Cambodia, all the clusters reach their full maturity.

Our selection team will then tresh very carefully by hand only the ripe red corns. The peppercorns are scalded and sun-dried for 2-3 days. After two days of drying, these corns have turned into this beautiful purple-red color.
Dark Red Kampot Pepper develops very sweet notes that evoke the brioche just taken off the oven and candied citrus.

It pairs perfectly with salads, white meats like chicken and all your desserts made with fruit or chocolate.

Once the package is opened, we recommend that you keep your Dark Red Kampot Pepper corns in a cool, dry place, away from light and moisture, so that it retains all its flavor and aroma.

Data sheet

Piper Nigrum L.
Kampot IGP – Cambodia. La Plantation is a Certified Kampot Pepper Producer (KPPA ID: P3-002-001)
Net Weight
The pepper is packed in a sealed bag, inserted in a recycled paper bag. Recycle paper label.
100% Red Kampot Pepper PGI
Grain color
Purple red to brown
Floral aromas - hints of warm bread
Sweet notes and candied citrus
36 months
Store in a cool, dry place away from light and moisture
Shipped in sealed bags
Allergy Free