Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper
  • Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper
  • Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper
  • Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper
  • Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper

Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper PGI


Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper is the new exclusive product of La Plantation! Rehydrated or simply ground or crushed on your plate, you will find all the freshness and the delicate spicy of Fresh Kampot Pepper. A must try! 




After the creation of the awarded Salted Kampot Pepper, Nathalie and Guy, the founders of La Plantation, returned to work and produced the Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper. Their challenge was to preserve all the aroma and taste of Fresh Green Kampot Pepper eaten in the region while maintaining the appearance and the green color of the peppercorn. After many tests, it is now available for your biggest delight.

The bunches of pepper are picked before maturity and finely treshed by hand. They are then scalded and dehydrated to preserve the exceptional and unique aroma of Kampot Pepper.
The Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper is very easy to use! You can rehydrate it for half an hour, either in water or in cream or sauce. It will recover the crunchiness of Fresh Green Kampot Pepper. Or you can put it in a grinder or crush it in a mortar and sprinkle it directly on your dish or plate before serving.

The definite best pairing will be with a Green Pepper Sauce for a Steak, a Veal filet or Chicken breast. Rehydrate the grains in the warm cream and pour this sauce at the last moment to deglaze the pan, without overheating the peppercorns. Other suggestions: Duck breast with green pepper, Gambas flambé with green pepper, scallops with green pepper.
For the ground or crushed version, we suggest using it on burrata, feta or goat cheese as starters and on any steam fish as main course.

Once the package is opened, we recommend that you keep your Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper corns in a cool, dry place, away from light and moisture, to retain all its flavor and aroma.

Data sheet

Piper Nigrum L.
Kampot IGP – Cambodia. The Plantation is a Certified Kampot Pepper Producer (KPPA ID: P3-002-001)
Net Weight
The pepper is packed in a sealed bag, inserted in a recycled paper bag. Recycle paper label.
100% Green Kampot Pepper PGI
Grain color
Delicate and characteristic aroma with vegetal notes
Subtle taste of fresh grass, citrus and mint
36 months
Store in a cool, dry place away from light and moisture
Shipped in sealed bags
Allergy Free