Winter Flavours Gift Box


The Winter Flavours Gift Box is available in a limited edition:

Cinnamon powder, Young ginger powder, Forest Cardamom, Zest of Kaffir lime

4 x 50g



Offered in a limited edition, the Winter Flavours Box contains the essential spices to concoct your comforting seasonal dishes:

- Cinnamon Casse powder,

- Young ginger powder,

- Forest Cardamom,

- Zest of Combava powder.

Some ideas of recipe: pears in wine and spices, apple or pear compotes, babka or brioche, panna cotta, mulled wine, vegetable or poultry broth, kaffir lime pie, spice cake, pancakes, vegetable soup.

Data sheet

Cassia Cinnamon, Youg Ginger, Forest Cardamom, Kaffir Lime Zests
Kampot - Cambodia
24 months
Store in a cool, dry place away from light and moisture
Net Weight
4 x 50g
The spices are packed in sealed bags, inserted in a food-grade carton tube. Recycle paper label.