Smoked Black Kampot Pepper PGI
  • Smoked Black Kampot Pepper PGI
  • Smoked Black Kampot Pepper PGI
  • Smoked Black Kampot Pepper PGI
  • Smoked Black Kampot Pepper PGI
  • Smoked Black Kampot Pepper PGI

Smoked Black Kampot Pepper PGI


Recognized as one of the best peppers in the world, Kampot's Black Pepper is grown traditionally and organically. The cold smoking of Black Kampot Pepper reinforces its woodsy taste.

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Smoked Black Kampot Pepper, a subtle and balanced smoky note 

Cultivation method 

Our Kampot Pepper is harvested between 3 and 5 months during the dry season. The ripe bunches, of a beautiful dark green colour, are selected and picked one by one from the pepper tree. The pickers will pass through La Plantation many times throughout the season. The remaining bunches will be harvested the next time the pickers pass through the plot.

In order to preserve the aromas, the processing of the Black Kampot Pepper is done during the day. The seeds are separated from the bunch, scalded and dried in the sun for 2 to 3 days, depending on the amount of sunlight. The natural drying process enhances the unique flavours of Kampot Pepper.

PGI Kampot Pepper 

After a manual selection, only grains larger than 4 millimetres will be marketed as Kampot Pepper, thus respecting the PGI standards.

Traditional cold smoking 

Cold smoking, for many hours, accentuates the woody side of our Black Kampot Pepper and gives it warm, round, slightly liquorice notes, with a very nice length in the mouth. 

The strength of the Black Kampot Pepper combined with the smoking process develops a subtle and elegant fragrance.

To preserve its aromatic notes, it is advisable to add the Smoked Pepper at the end of cooking and not to cook it to avoid developing too much spiciness.


Recipe ideas 

Smoked Black Kampot Pepper is the ideal spice for fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines or for grilled meats.

Some recipe ideas for using our Smoked Black Kampot Pepper:
- Mix Smoked Black Kampot Pepper, salt, sugar and dill. Place this mixture between two oiled salmon steaks and store in the refrigerator for 36 hours. Remove the water regularly and turn the fish over in the dish. Use a weight to compress the fish. Serve with a sauce made of mustard (strong and mild), Smoked Kampot Pepper, sugar, a little vodka and vegetable oil.
- Grill mackerel or sardines and grind some Black Smoked Kampot Pepper at the last moment.
- Also use freshly ground Smoked Kampot Pepper on pasta carbonara.
- And add a touch of originality to a Bloody Mary cocktail or a Gin & Vodka Martini with Smoked Black Kampot Pepper.

Advice for use 

To preserve its aromatic notes, we recommend adding our smoked pepper at the end of cooking, to avoid cooking it, so as not to develop too much spiciness.

Once opened, we recommend that you store Kampot Pepper in a cool, dry place, away from light and moisture, so that it retains its full flavour and aroma. To preserve its aroma, Black Kampot Pepper should be ground or crushed at the last moment. For this, you can use La Plantation's ceramic mill or the handmade sugar palm Mortar.

Data sheet

Piper Nigrum
Kampot IGP – Cambodia. The Plantation is a Certified Kampot Pepper Producer (KPPA ID: P-3-002-001)
100% Black Kampot Pepper PGI (cold smoked)
Smoky and woodsy notes
Spice-Food Pairing
Cacio e pepe, Carbonara with porc, grilled red meats - Vanilla or Caramel Ice Cream with Smoked Black Kampot Pepper-Martini Gin & Vodka with Smoked Black Kampot Pepper, Bloody Mary as well
36 months
Store in a cool, dry place away from light and moisture
Allergy Free

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