Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper PGI
  • Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper PGI
  • Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper PGI
  • Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper PGI
  • Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper PGI
  • Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper PGI

Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper PGI


Fresh Salted Pepper (Kampot IGP) is an exclusive production of La Plantation. Addictive from the first corn, the Fresh Salted Pepper from La Plantation is ready to consume. The privileged ones who had the chance to taste it have become crazy and crunch it from the aperitif to the dessert.

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Salted Kampot Pepper, an exclusive creation of La Plantation

Cultivation method

The bunches of pepper are harvested by hand before maturity, during the months of November and December. They are then manually deseeded by our selectors. These young green peppercorns are very fragile and require careful treatment.
The beans are washed and scalded and undergo a complex process of fermentation with Kampot’s Salt, developed exclusively at La Plantation since 2016. This fermentation enhances the flavour, which is close to the fresh green pepper that is consumed locally in Cambodia.

PGI Kampot Pepper

Kampot Pepper is renowned as one of the best peppers in the world. Its unique character has allowed it to be included as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) product. This recognition is also a guarantee of quality because the producers of Kampot Pepper must comply with the rules of the specifications of the appellation, both on the cultivation and processing of pepper. 

Innovation at the service of the flavour

The innovation of the Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper, developed by La Plantation, allows the preservation of fresh peppercorns for a period of two years. This is an exceptional opportunity to consume fresh peppercorns that are young, not very spicy and have a long lasting taste.

A Pepper praised by gourmets

The crunchiness of the peppercorns and the intense explosion of fresh pepper flavors on the palate make La Plantation’s Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper a unique product, which is unanimously appreciated by those who have had the chance to try it. It is present in the menu of a number of Michelin-starred and bistro chefs.

Recipe Ideas

Addictive from the very first grain, the Kampot alt pepper can be crunched as an aperitif, alone or with roasted peanuts. We advise you not to cook it, just possibly to heat it slightly at the end of cooking or in a sauce, so that it keeps its crunch. It is a perfect accompaniment to meats such as beef or duck and will surprise your guests in a chocolate mousse or on ice cream or fried fruit.
You can also sprinkle a few grains on your preparations, salads or oysters.

The Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper is to be consumed without moderation!

Some recipe ideas for using Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper:

- Tomatoes / Mozzarella or Burrata: place some Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper on your preparation, add a drizzle of olive oil. Very easy and tasty recipe!
- At the end of cooking, add some Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper to the sauce just to warm them up (escalopes with cream, steak with pepper, duck breast with honey)
- Place a few whole peppercorns of Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper on steamed fish or fish en papillotte with a drizzle of olive oil
- Ditto on a tomato soup or gazpacho. The complete recipe can be found in volume 1 of our Recipe Books.
- Quickly rinse fresh Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper corns under running water to remove excess salt, then immediately dry the seeds in a paper towel. Mix these chips into your chocolate mousse and store in a cool place. The sweetness of the chocolate with the explosion of the peppercorns will surprise your guests.

Attention: do not salt your dishes, as our Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper brings a sufficient amount of salt to your dishes.

Advice for use

Once the package is opened, we recommend that you store the Fresh Kampot Pepper in a closed jar in the refrigerator so that it retains its flavor and crunch.

No need to grind, La Plantation Fresh Salt Pepper is ready to eat in whole grains!

Note: The Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper currently in stock was produced at the end of the harvest with late regrowth. Some grains may therefore be stronger and less tender. The new season harvest is underway (January-February) and will be available before summer in Europe.

Data sheet

Piper Nigrum
Kampot IGP – Cambodia. The Plantation is a Certified Kampot Pepper Producer (KPPA ID: P-3-002-001)
80% Fresh Kampot Pepper PGI, sea salt
Spicy, crispiness of the corn - Woody and vegetal notes of pine and eucalyptus
Spice-Food Pairing
Ready to snack, pepper steak, raw fish, Bearnaise sauce, butter, chocolate mousse
24 months
After opening the pack, put the Salted Peppercorns in a jar and keep it in the fridge
Allergy Free

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