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Wild Galangal


The Wild Galangal that we offer is a very rare spice that has been collected in the forests of northern Cambodia. Galangal will become an essential spice in your kitchen.

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Our Wild Galangal is a rare species that grows wild in northern Cambodia

Wild Galangal, an ancestral tradition of pickers 

Like the Wild Ginger, our Wild Galangal was collected in the forests of the Preah Vihear province in northern Cambodia. Known for its magnificent temple, erected during the Khmer Empire and now classified as a Unesco heritage site, the province of Preah Vihear is located in the extreme north of Cambodia, on the border with Thailand. Our pickers spend several days in the forest, at the end of the rainy season, to collect the wild galangal roots. They are then brought to La Plantation to be selected and dehydrated.  

Discovering the most unknown of spices, Galangal

The term Galangal refers to several varieties of the botanical family Zingiberaceae (ginger) of the genus Alpinia. Although it arrived in Europe very early, Galangal is much less known than Ginger, which is used in a large number of preparations today.
Galangal is frequently used fresh in Cambodian cuisine (curries, soups, amok).
The wild Galangal, variety Alpinia galangal. L., which we offer exclusively, develops even more intense aromas than the cultivated version

For daily use, we offer it in dehydrated form in several forms: Wild Galangal Powder, Galangal Petals for infusions or Galangal Powder for cooking.

Rapid processing to preserve all the flavors

Each root is selected, the small rootlets cut by hand. The Galangal rhizome is then cleaned, peeled, cut into thin strips and dehydrated under UV protection. The dried petals thus preserve all their aromas and will be crushed into fine powder at the last moment before packaging in hermetic bags. 

Wild Galangal reveals warm floral and mustard notes

Wild Galangal is particularly aromatic with an explosive mix of lemony, mustardy and peppery notes. Not to be inhaled too strongly, at the risk of having mustard in your nose!

On the contrary, its taste is soft in mouth, with a pungent note in final. Its main quality is to be a great natural flavor enhancer, which marries wonderfully with ginger, combava leaves and lemongrass stems for sauces, broths, traditional or exotic recipes. For a good use of wild Galangal, we advise you to use half of what you would have used with a cultivated Galangal. You can always add more if you wish to reinforce the taste of your dish.

How to cook with Wild Galangal powder

In Cambodia, Galangal is used daily to flavor soups, broths, curry pastes. Galangal will be one of the main ingredients of Tom Yam or Tom Kha Gai soup with coconut milk, but in a milder version than in Thailand. Do not hesitate to try it in more French preparations such as a Poule au Pot.

Galangal is well suited to cooking and can be incorporated into your recipes from the beginning of the cooking process. It will reveal all the flavors of your preparation. 

Galangal powder can also be sprinkled directly on a fish fillet (raw, grilled, steamed or in foil), scallops or cooked with shellfish or mussels. Galangal powder can also be mixed deliciously with a mayonnaise, which you can use to accompany a dish of grilled or steamed shrimps, scampi or crab.

Galangal is also the ideal partner of white meats, in a chicken marinade for example. You can also incorporate it in your preparation of beef balls (in addition to ginger, lemon grass, cumin and coriander).

Don't hesitate to try it with vegetables such as carrots or oven-baked peppers, or purple artichokes sautéed in olive oil. And in winter, add half a spoonful to your pumpkin, carrot or parsnip soups or purées.

With desserts, it goes well with chocolate (ice cream, mousse or fondant), with a fruit salad or in the paste of cherry clafoutis. Juice

If you like the taste of Galangal, you can also use it in Petals version to make energizing infusions, hot or iced, or put half a teaspoon in a fruit, vegetable or detox juice.

Storage instructions

Once the package is opened, we advise you to keep the Wild Galangal in powder in the cardboard tube, in a cool and dry place, protected from light and humidity.

Data sheet

Alpinia galangal. L.
100% Wild Galangal
Warm, floral and mustardy
Spice-Food Pairing
Broths, soups, curry pastes, raw or cooked fish, shellfish, mayonnaise, white meat marinades, desserts
24 months
Store in a cool, dry place away from light and moisture
Allergy free

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