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Wild Ginger


Wild Ginger is a very rare rhizome that has been collected in the forests of the Northern Province of Cambodia. The Wild Ginger is offered to you in exclusivity.

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Wild Ginger is a rare species that grows wild in the Preah Vihear Province of Cambodia

An exclusive collection of Wild Ginger

Our Wild Ginger was collected in the forests of Preah Vihear Province in northern Cambodia. Known for its magnificent temple, erected during the Khmer Empire and now classified as a Unesco heritage site, the province of Preah Vihear is located in the extreme north of Cambodia, on the border with Thailand. Our pickers spend several days in the forest, at the end of the rainy season, to collect the wild ginger roots. They are then brought to La Plantation to be selected and dehydrated.  

What is Wild Ginger

Ginger is an ancient plant that belongs to the Zingiberacea family, which includes the rhizomes of Ginger and Galanga. 

Originally from India, ginger is one of the first spices to be imported into Europe, by the spice route from the 1st century BC. Used in Ancient Egypt to mummify bodies, it was widely used in cooking by the Greeks and Romans and for its benefits in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

The variety of Wild Ginger that we offer is recognized under the botanical name Kaempferia Galangal Linn. It is very rare and exclusive to find a wild species of Ginger which is now mainly cultivated in hot tropical areas.

Widely used in cooking, Wild Ginger is a powerful spice with a fresh, peppery flavor and pungent citrus notes. The intense aromas of our Wild Ginger will awaken your taste buds!

The harvest and the meticulous preparation of the Wild Ginger

The Wild Ginger powder was produced immediately after harvesting. It is for you a pledge of quality that you can appreciate by opening the bag. The rhizomes, freshly collected, have been processed and dehydrated at low temperature to preserve the power of their aromas.


With its powerful and fragrant notes, Ginger is a perfect match for all your dishes from appetizer to dessert

The aromas of our Wild Ginger are powerful. We advise you to add it to your dishes as you go along and according to the taste you wish to give to your preparation. It is necessary to count approximately half a teaspoon of Wild Ginger for a dish for two people.

Ginger is your best ally in the kitchen: with its powerful and fragrant notes, it goes well with all your dishes from appetizer to dessert. 

Its energizing virtues are also a plus for your health and will be revealed in a fruit juice or smoothies or mixed with lemon juice.


How to cook with Wild Ginger powder 

Ginger deliciously flavors seafood: crab, shrimp, fish, lobster, seafood. But it also goes well with meats in marinade or during their cooking (curries, tagines, chicken broths).

For a chicken or shrimp soup with coconut milk (Tom Kha Gai), you can add Lemongrass powder, Galanga, Combava leaves. In a few minutes, you will find the flavors of your trip to Cambodia.

If you like the taste of Ginger, you will not hesitate to use it with your vegetables, soups, sauces, dressings or mayonnaise.

In dessert, Ginger is irresistible for all your sweet or chocolate preparations. Add to gingerbread, shortbread, madeleines, pear compotes, fruit sautéed in butter, in a chocolate mousse or on a strawberry salad...


Wild Ginger, your health ally

Rich in active ingredients and various nutrients, ginger has many health benefits. For a morning boost, we recommend mixing Ginger and Turmeric powder with freshly ground Black Kampot Pepper. You integrate these spices in a jar of honey and, every morning, you take a spoon of this beneficial and tonic mixture.


Storage instructions

Once the package is opened, we advise you to store the Wild Ginger powder in the cardboard tube, in a cool and dry place, protected from light and humidity.

Data sheet

Kaempferia galangal Linn
100% Wild Ginger
Powerful and floral
Spice-Food Pairing
Broths, soups, curry pastes, raw or cooked fish, shellfish, mayonnaise, cakes, chocolate mousse, fried fruits, smoothies, lemonade
24 months
Store in a cool, dry place away from light and moisture
Allergy free

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